Mark Ayling started off as a drummer

ayling mark. out of stepcoming out of the punk scene. He’s now hung up his sticks and strums an acoustic guitar – singing with the energy of punk but with the melody of acousticness.

Always playing live and often at benefits, Mark has just passed his 100th gig as a solo performer! A true independent, grass roots musician whose efforts help to keep the music scene so vibrant.

Much admired at Four Dogs Music, we are very pleased to be stocking his second album – Out of Step, Out of Time.

So there’s another copy of the excellent

Hurriers Album CoverFrom Acorns Mighty Oaks CD by The Hurriers being posted today – this one’s going to Guadeloupe – straight up.
Barnsley’s Socialist punk/rock and politics band have been causing a real storm since this, their debut CD was released.

If ever you think capitalism is getting the edge – put this album on your turntable and join in the fight back.

Let’s start the week with a Blang

– 3 fine records from the might Blang label have just arrived;
Solution Songs from The Cee Cees, The Junk Shop by Milk Kan, and Fruit Machine a very tasty 26 track sampler from Blang.

cds_03082015They’ll  be more details when they are added to the site, just as soon as our little fingers can dance across our keyboard.

Here’s 3 good reasons why

you should pre-order Tightrope, the new album from Swill Odgers and Paul Simmonds from Four Dogs Music;
1/ Order now and get it at the reduced pre-release price (Good)

2/ Automatically be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of Swill’s Godforsaken Voyage CD and one of 2 Devil On The Wind EPs (Very Good)

3/ Get a darn fine album when it comes out on 21.8.2015 (Assured!)

New York based

Steve Suffet calls himself an old fashioned folksinger.  He’s been singing protest songs since forever and we are pleased to stock his albums here at Four Dogs Music.

Steve will be over in the UK in October, playing with another favourite of ours – Steve White and The Protest Family – at one of the many We Shall Overcome events.
Now that’s a night not too be missed if you’re in East London.
And to We Shall Overcome